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Do they know their ad tech?

One side effect of working in a rapidly growing industry is the copious amount of job interviews, both giving and receiving. In some of these interviews, it is necessary to determine (or prove) whether some one actually knows how a … Continue reading

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Ad exchanges are not like the stock market and never will be…thankfully.

Update: Marcus Pratt writes about this topic in AdExchanger. At the IAB Leadership conference in Miami a couple of months ago, there was a fair bit of discussion of RTB and ad exchanges.  Most of these discussions assume that ad … Continue reading

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Product Challenge of the Week: Saving RIMM

A few days ago, I was at an i-banking presentation on the technology industry.  There was a bit of the usual debate – is AAPL over/under valued, how will GOOG monetize mobile, is NFLX going to rule TV, etc.  One … Continue reading

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5 Books to understand how the Internet works

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself giving an impromptu, and woefully inadequate, explanation of CIDR and hex in a product meeting.  Since I spend nearly all my time doing “business things” now, it struck me as remarkable how … Continue reading

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The Great EU Cookie Crumble…not really

May 25th is a big day for online media.  It’s the day that some predict will be “the Rapture” for all the 3rd party data companies in the EU.  The doomsayers believe that on the 25th, the first laws will … Continue reading

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